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Seasoned Channel Sales Team in North America

Let Re: Launch help you place your product with North America’s major retail and online resellers and distributors. Our channel sales team in California and throughout the United States covers the entire North American resellers market with offices in the West, Central, East, and Southwest regions. We call on all the major distributors and resellers, working with over 100 retailers and resellers, with a special focus on the top 40, who represent 94% of the retail sales volume.

What to Expect

When you work with us, you receive the services of a top-notch CEO and President as well as the VP of Sales to coordinate your field sales effort. Our full-time sales professionals are thoroughly trained in your product line and can negotiate deals and close sales independently. We provide you with weekly reports and monthly forecasts so you’re always aware of what’s happening on the channel. Our experienced and well-connected team combines their relationships with hard work and follow-through to ensure you meet your sales goals.

We help you with setup information, content build, photo descriptions, and website creation. Additionally, we consult with you on the packaging, marketing strategies, and materials, we also provide access to distribution with our major retailers. Our channel sales team can quickly get your product on the shelf and build your brand with retailers as we manage the selling process.


“I have had the opportunity to know Emilie both personally and professionally for over ten years. She is one of the most dedicated hard-working people I have ever worked with. Her can do “anything” attitude helped grow our business well beyond our wildest expectations. She has a unique ability to multi-task to an extreme, and stays committed to accomplishing tasks, and winning her unfair share of business. She was critical to our success!

From a personal standpoint, she has an ethical DNA that runs deep. Emilie is always open and honest, and can be trusted to her word. When Emilie says she has something covered, you can consider it done. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Emilie. Truly a professional, and I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!”

– Jeff Angus | Senior Director of Channel Sales

“Emilie came to us with extensive retail industry experience and has been instrumental in our success. We quickly learned she has connections everywhere and her memory vault of names and facts to this day continues to amaze me. Emilie is a talented sales and business development professional whose loyalty and passion earn great respect. With Emilie’s doors open, deals are made, campaigns launch, and revenues grow.”

– Bonnie McMenomy, MBA, CA-AM | Marketing & Business Development at BMC Marketing

“Emilie is one of a kind. Her determination and dedication is admirable. She is a pleasure to work with.”

– Sean Torkian | CEO at Bower Inc.

“I have worked with Emilie in all of my Buying positions. She is by far the most professional Sales Rep. I have ever dealt with during my career! She represents her clients/products with the highest skill. I would highly recommend her as a sales rep and executive!”

– John Sadler

“I worked with Emilie while I was at 321 Studios; she was in charge of getting our product onto store shelves and generating sell-thru. She did an exceptional job. Once she decides to rep a product she is a top-notch marketer and driven to help you and your product succeed. She set so many sales records we lost count and there were several times that major retailers like BBY and WMT told us how exceptional of a partner she was. She is a creative and powerful thinker who’s driven to succeed. IF (yes, I said if) she takes you on as a client ramp-up operations in advance, you will not be disappointed.”

– Steve Mastin

“As CEO of interMute, I hired Emilie to work as our independent channel rep, to promote retail sales of our consumer software titles: AdSubtract, SpamSubtract and SpySubtract. Emilie is an outstanding professional in her field. In addition to having a great network of contacts in retail software, Emilie demonstrated tireless efforts to recruit new contacts to help us get our products onto retail shelves. She succeeded in her quest and our software products enjoyed widespread placement at retail outlets across North America.

Emilie is a “go-getter”. She never waits. She is the hardest-working woman in retail, which is a notoriously tough business, but one that Emilie excels. I would hire her again in a New York minute!”

– Ed English | CEO at Elerts

“Emily is very motivated and loves what she does. She is one of the BEST.”

– Ali Fakih | Effective Account Strategist & Relationship Builder

“Emilie Canty is a talented, creative, and highly effective sales and marketing professional. Emilie created marketing vehicles targeted at software resellers and solicited our participation as a publisher. We were a fledgling company at the time, with a very limited marketing budget and no track record. I vividly remember Emilie’s energetic and persuasive sales pitch, and I ended up spending most of my limited budget with her. This was a very wise decision. Emilie’s efforts were highly effective and propelled us from virtually nowhere to a national retail presence. In subsequent years we consulted Emilie on many marketing projects, and her advice and guidance were instrumental in our success. Emilie is a trusted friend and will forever be in her debt for her role in launching our company.”

– Erez Carmel | VP of Marketing at Winway Corporation

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